Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Darling Boy

My darling boy is almost 18 months........ where on earth have those 18 months gone to? And why oh why is it that I have needed to spend 11 of them working instead of at home with him?...... Every minute with him is precious. Every weekend must be filled with joyous cuddles and not a moment that I could be drinking in the sweetness of his little face, his cuddles, his play, should be taken for granted. Tomorrow I again need to become the professional, and count down the hours until I get home to my boy, the days until it becomes Friday again.

Today I painted in the rain........ my garden furniture is now a lovely sage green, albeit slightly polka dotted from the rain, but we had fun my boy and I, getting rained on and eating homemade cupcakes with pink icing. When daddy got home we were both dry again in our jammies.... though only after the boy had to be changed twice :-)

My lovely sister brought him a pre-loved playhouse today, and a huge play kitchen. I think that he may want to learn to cook cakes with mammy when he gets older, as he is very taken with his kitchen. Its so nice knowing that he is now going to get so much enjoyment from something that was already loved by another little one.